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Homegrown Product Availability 

*May vary due to weather, please call to confirm availability*

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  • Rhubarb: Mid-May thru July

  • Strawberries: Early June thru September

  • Blueberries: Mid-July thru September

  • Raspberries: Mid-July thru September

  • Melons: Mid-July to September

  • Apples: Late August thru October


  • Asparagus: May thru early June

  • Tomatoes: Mid-June thru September

  • Sweet Corn: Early July thru September

  • Cucumbers: July thru September

  • Squash & Zucchini: July thru September

  • Green & Yellow Wax Beans: July thru September

  • Lettuce: July thru September

  • Garlic: Mid-July thru October

  • Onions: Mid-July thru October

  • Peppers: Late July thru September

  • Eggplant: Late July thru September

  • Assorted Mushrooms: Available All Season
    (Grown on Bulich Mushroom Farm, our relatives in Catskill, NY)


  • Annual Flowers & Herbs: May & June

  • Vegetable plants: May to Mid-June

  • Fresh cut Basil: July thru August

  • Mums & Pumpkins: September & October

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