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All Natural


No Hormones | Pasture Raised


​Stanton’s All Natural Pork is a family-owned production with the intention of producing quality pork for consumers.  We raise and grow our pork on our main farm, Stanton’s Feura Farm, located in Feura Bush, NY.
The main focus of raising our pork is a clean pasture with fresh ground to dig up and a variety of fruits and vegetables to munch on.
Our pork is all natural and pasture raised, with small feedings of homegrown ground corn throughout the growing process.
We take pride in providing our customers with quality pork that is tender, has great flavor, and is nutritional to our bodies. It is important that our customers have the opportunity to purchase all natural, local pork and know where it comes from.
At Stanton’s, we can ensure that your pork is top quality, with a taste that will not fall short of your expectations.

Our pork is available for purchase at our retail farm markets,
Our Family's Harvest & Old Homestead Farm Market,
from May through September. We harvest every fall but do not offer bulk (whole/half pig) purchasing at this time.
Stay tuned for updates regarding sales or bulk beef offerings throughout the winter months.

Our homegrown pork is processed and packaged at
Locust Grove Smokehouse,
a USDA inspected facility, in Argyle, NY.


Retail Prices

*Please call to confirm availability*

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